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Hobbies differ like tastes. If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting. Hobbies are divided into four large classes: doing things, making things, collecting things, and learning things.
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A holiday is the time when one can either have a rest and more fun than usually or work and study as he or she does normally. In autumn the leaves of all trees turn yellowish, reddish and brownish. They fall on the ground and make us feel that severe winter is coming soon.
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How can we save our planet
IN SPITE OF the environmental gloom hanging over the earth, we would like to think that it would survive. After all, it is our home—and hopefully the home of our children and their children. But we should not just think about problems, we should solve them. The truth is that while most people are concerned about the environment, many think nothing of throwing trash on the ground, dumping garbage in a river or treating badly with animals.
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I and my life
Sometime I don’t know who am I. I know what I’m 16 years old schoolgirl from Akmenė, but it’s not everything of me. I have parents, two older sisters and I’m the youngest child in my family. So I like being the centre of attention and I get a lot of it from my parients. The gratest thing about having older sister is that they pass on everything they have learnt and I agree with that.
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Take off - pakilti (lėktuvu). The flight was delayed.The plane took off two hours later than seneduled. Rome was delayed because of fog. What time did it take off? Come along - vystytis, progresuoti. The work on the house is coming along very well. Jill says her marketing report is coming along nicely. Hold on - palaukti. Hold on a minute while I get my breath back. They managed to hold on until help arrived. Set off - iškeliauti. It’s a long way to Bristol, so we ought to set off as early as possible. We did not set off until seven o’clock, so we walked as fast as we could get there on time.
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Junk food
In today’s fast moving world, people have less and less time to spend eating, let alone cooking. It is probably for this reason that junk food has become so popular. In my opinion it is one of the biggest problems in nowadays.
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Kompiuteriniai virusai
Įvadas. Bendra informacija apie kompiuterinius virusus. Kompiuterinių virusu tipai ir jų veikimo principai. Nepavojingi virusai. Pavojingi virusai. Labai pavojingi virusai. Virusų daroma žala. Kompiuterinių virusų pasiskirstymas. Kaip saugotis virusų. Antivirusinių programų apžvalga. Mes nagrinėsime temą: "Kompiuterių virusai. Antivirusinės programos apžvalga". Ši tema, šiais laikais ypač aktuali mūsų visuomenei. Dauguma žmonių nė nenumano koks gali būti pavojingas kompiuterinis virusas. Taigi mes nusprendem parodyti kokie gali būti virusai, kaip nuo jų apsisaugoti, ir pateiksime kelių antivirusinių programų aprašymus, iš kurių bus galima išsirinkti sau tinkamiausią.
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Laiškas anglų kalba
Thanks for the letter! My family is quite big – I have two brothers and sister. My older brother and sister lives in Ireland. Sister also have two daughters – Vilte and Emily. My smaller brother lives here, in Lithuania, with me.
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Languages open door
The world isn’t one big country. There live a lot of gig and little nations. That is why in the world are many languages. In my opinion, the most popular languages are: English, Germany and Russian. I think to know one of most popular languages come in useful, because when you can understand each other in most countries.
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Leisure-time activities include games, sports, cultural events, entertainment and community service. Schoolchildren usually do not have much free time, because they have to go to school and do their homework. Still, you have to relax sometime. To my mind, it is possible to divide all teenagers into two groups: formal and informal. Teenagers from formal groups generally spend their leisure time doing sports, shopping or going out with friends,going to clubs and travelling; watching TV or listening to the music of their favourite radio station.
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