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Education in England
Pro-primary and Primary Education in England. Oxbridge. Ištrauka iš darbo. In some areas of England there are nursery schools for children under 5 years of age. Some children between two and five receive education in nursery classes or in infants classes in primary schools. Many children attend informal pre-school play-groups organised by parents in private homes. Nursery schools are staffed with teachers and students in training. There are all kinds of toys to keep the children busy from 9 o'clock in the morning till 4 o'clock in the afternoon while their parents are at work. Here the babies play, lunch and sleep. They can run about and play in safety with someone keeping an eye on them.
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Education system in Lithuania
Types of higher education institutions. Shool leaving and higher education credentials. Structure of education system. Pre-higher education. Teacher education. Non-traditional studies. Admissions to higher education. Admission to non university higher education studies. Admission to university-level studies. Foreign students admission.
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History in facts. Geography. Architecture. Painting. Sculpture. Agriculture. London. School. Easter. St Valentine’s Day. Halloween. Christmas. Sport and more. Stonehenge.
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English language
English language. Vocabulary. Spelling. Role of Phonemes. Stress, Pitches, and Juncture. Inflection. Parts of Speech. Development of the Language. Future of the English Language. Ištrauka iš darbo. English Language, chief medium of communication of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and numerous other countries. It is the official language of many nations in the Commonwealth of Nations and is widely understood and used in all of them. It is spoken in more parts of the world than any other language and by more people than any other tongue except Chinese.
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What is entertainment? Has entertainment changed over time? Throughout history many aspects of culture have changed dramatically. Our culture has entertained its self with many different forms of entertainment throughout time, but throughout time those forms of entertainment have not changed.
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Environmental problems
ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS. Air pollution. Water and soil. Environmental problems in Lithuania. Some facts. How to preserve nature from extinction. Rainforest Facts. Fight against environmental problems. Nowadays the air, water and soil pollution have become a really big problem. Humanity thinks too little about natural resources and future of our descendants, as well as the world face, the disappearance of rainforests and global warming. The rapidly developing industry has polluted the air and the water. People, animals and plants are closely connected to each other. The usual order being broken, the nature starts to clean itself in a way that is harmful to the man himself.
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Family or friends
The world is very big. There are a lot of people. Most of them have families and friends .In my opinion, to have a family and friends are the best things, which we have had in our life. Both these things are biggest values in people’s lives.
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Film Review. "Ice Age"
I'd like to speak about the film called "Ice Age". The director of the film is Chris Wedge. The producers are Christopher Meledandri and Lori Forte. The budget of the film is $60.000.000. Now about the plot of the film. We transfer to the prehistoric age, when people can't speak. The Earth is ruling by the Mammoths. At then time appears the danger of Ice Age.
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Films about violence and their prevention
Today I want to talk about films which make us think about people who face tremendous volume of violence and hurt in their schools. Why? Because every year more that 20,000 young people call Childline about bullying, making it the most common problem we are phoned about. Outline: First I will talk about 3 films which are based on true stories and which made many people to think about violence problem, these films are: “The Elephant”, “Klass” and “Bang bang you are dead”. Then I will talk about 2 films: “Taking time to care” and “Don’t suffer in silence” which shows some prevention systems. And at the end I will say some advantages of these films.
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Healthy lifestyle
People have different ways of describing a healthy lifestyle. But for most, it means living life in a way that helps the person to be both physically and emotionally healthy. Many things go into creating a healthy lifestyle. It includes a balance of nutritious foods, exercise, positive relationships and plenty of rest.
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