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Anglų kalbos veiksmažodžių laikai. Tenses
INDEFINITE. Present Indefinite. Past Indefinite. Future Indefinite. Future Indefinite in the Past. CONTINUOUS. Present continuous. Past Continuous. Future Continuous. Future Continuous in the Past. PERFECT. Present perfect. Past Perfect. Future Perfect. Future Perfect in the Past. PERFECT CONTINUOUS. Present Perfect Continuous. Past Perfect Continuous. Future Perfect Continuous. Future in the Past Perfect Continuous.
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Articles. Artikeliai
[a]: sudurtinio tarinio vardine dalimi: tom is a clever boy. su daiktavardžio, po junginio ‘there is’: there’s a good restourant near my house. šaukiamuosiuose sakiniuose: what a nice day. po ‘such’: he’s such a good boy. daiktavardžio priedėliu: thomas, a third year student, is our friend. skaitvardžio one reikįme (reiškinat laiką, atstumą, svorį): I’ll come back in a minute; this path is a kilometre long; I’ll buy a kilogram of bananas. prieš skaitvardžius: a dozen, a hundred, a thousand, a million.
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Auditoriaus nepriklausomybė, audito komiteto kokybė ir vidaus kontrolės trūkumai
referatas audito tema Turinys. Faktai ir hipotezės. Faktai. Audito komiteto kokybė ir vidaus kontrolės. Auditoriaus nepriklausomybė ir vidaus kontrolės. Valdymo rodikliai. Išvada. Nuorodos. Introduction. Background and hypotheses. Background. Audit committee quality and internal control. Auditor independence and internal control. Control variables. Conclusion. References.
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Bad parenting
Nowadays more and more child starts smoking, drinking alcohol and doing crimes at an early age.Its really important problem and we all should think about this. Have we not heard that Bad Kids come from Bad Parents? There are several signs of bad parenting Parents should show good ezample because children learns everything from parents. So I speak about that What are the effects of Bad Parenting on children? How to be a good parent? These are some questions many parents and non parents want an answer to.
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Basketball appeared in Plunge in 1964. The first group of basketball players didn’t achieve any great victories. But still they were the foundators of basketball in our town. The leaders of the team in that time were Salys, Vosylius, Kiudulas and Leliūga. Salys had a good opportunity to join the national basketball team. The next generation of players had much more success. They had won the second place of the LKL championship for several times. From the very beginning their trainer was G.Glikmanas ant the second trainer was Augenijus Jurgutis.
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Book Review. Mario Puzo. "The Godfathe"
“The Godfather” is written by Mario Puzo in 1969. This book is about the Corleone family and their path of mafia life. The book about what is going on behind the underground walls. The main character of this book is Don Vito Corleone – the actual head of Sicilian mafia in New York. Sonny Coreleone – Don’s son and the irreplaceable hand of his right.
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Hello, I am My today‘s topic is about clothes. In my topic I am going to talk about. the history of clothing. how the person‘s clothes can be related to his/her character and job. school uniforms. Well, let me start my topic. When we talk about the history of clothing, there may be pointed out some thoughts.
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Contemplations standing at the threshold of the New Year
Pamąstymai Naujųjų metų išvakarėse. Ištrauka iš darbo. Nowadays people’s everyday life is like routine. Every morning we get up, dress ourselves, have breakfast, go to work or school, have dinner, come home, spend the evening with family, and go to sleep. Next morning everything repeats. Very few people every evening think about the past day, about things or events that have happened during the day. The Christmas, the New Year and, generally the end of the year, is the time, when all people think about the last year, appreciate their good and bad works and hope that the following year will be better for themselves and their families.
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Easter in Lithuania
Ištrauka iš darbo. Easter is celebrated by all Christians of the world. It is the first Sunday coming after the first full moon spring. But it can come as early as March 22 or as late as April 25. Easter is celebrated because that day Jesus wakes up from the death. In Lithuania the symbols of Easter are eggs, rabbits and chickens. Easter eggs are hard boiled, dyed in bright colours, and sometimes elaborately decorated.
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Clean up the World. Air’s pollution. Earht’s pollution. Water’s pollution. The End
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